Bomuld never learned how to walk obedience, but he

could bark so the windows nearly fell out, he could dance at 2 legs and when

he liked food his mouth water was dripping to the floor. Every vinter he

happily pulled the sledge for my son, but in the summertime he didn't like

to walk too far - except if there were a female in heat. He ended being

castrated, because he was always running for some females size 5 kilos

living by old ladies....Bomule thought himself he was a small dog, but the

old ladies always  gave him food before calling med, because he was

always hungry :o)

When my son Martin was growing older, it was time for me

to start training rescue dogs/SAR K9 myself. I've read about the old Danish breed Broholmer, and were a member of the community working for reconstruction of

the breed, where I also were at the waiting list for a puppy. My good friend

Lene heard there were a breed of puppies in North Jutland, after parents

witch wasn't registrated in the community, and there for out of the rules

for the waiting-list. I immediately called them and after lots of lots of

phone-talks I was accepted to buy a puppy.

The 2 broholmer-females, which was born the same place,

after the same parents was like day and night. Freja makes perfectionism and

Røskva make terrorism. Røskva was always busy, she thought she could run in

every smell and didn't hear my commands because she knew better! She was

really a big experience training, and luckily she lost a bit of the energy

when she grow older, and she became easier to conduct. Freja only became 7

years old, got a inflammation in uterus wich accelerated so quickly that there were no

hope when we got to the vegetarians. Even today I miss her so much I could

cry when I'm writing this.

Røskva were alone for 3 years, and I was taking a break

from the duty of rescue  dogs, because Røskva didn't fulfil then

quality I wants for a rescue dog even when she was educated. At he same time

I got hooked at the beauceron breed and were happy every time Lene was

driving for shows in the south of Europe. Then I was looking at those

wonderful dogs, trying to find out about the blood and working lines and

learned a lot about the be


Cesar de la Ferme de Thulon x Grace de l'Amouraudiere